17 December 2010

Primitive Snowman Face Ornie

This is a Primitive Snowman Face Ornie that I created for an ornie swap. I wanted something fairly simple, but cute, since I needed to make a lot of these.

I used some plain white felt to start that I cut into rectangles with rounded corners. Then I spritzed each felt piece with my special grungy sauce mix and baked them for a few minutes in a 200 degree oven. Once they'd been baked it was time to sew.

I added the eyes first using plain black buttons. Then I created noses out of orange felt and stitched those on, and I used simple black-stitched X's for the mouths. Once all the facial features were added  I sewed each felt piece top to each bottom--leaving a slight opening to stuff in some fiberfill; and then I attached a piece of homespun for hanging. I sure had fun making these happy little primitive snowmen!

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