23 December 2010

Primitive Scoop Light

One day I was in my studio and realized I had a couple of large rusty tin scoops sitting in there doing nothing.  And so, of course, I felt the need to do something with them in the way of making them primitive. So this is the result of some brainstorming and a few extra supplies.

My husband had bought me a craft punch that enables me to punch holes into metal, as long as it isn't too thick. So I used that first off in order to make this scoop hang-able. Then I decided it would be perfect as a candle holder...but I also figured that if this were to go on a wall, it might be better if a battery-operated tealight was used instead of a candle. So, I found some spare glass votive cups and some of the tealights and they fit perfectly in the center of the scoop. I always have pip berry candle rings around too, so I used some of them to put around the votive cups. After that, I felt that all this needed was a gingham homespun tie, so I added that around the base, and then I had it: partly country and partly primitive lighting in a repurposed rusty scoop!

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